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Principal Desk

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Principal Desk

I am of the considered view that running of educational institutions is a joint venture wherein students, staff, Management and parents are co-partners. Co-ordination among all the co-partners is a pre-requisite for accomplishment of objective of quality education.

The mind is not an empty vessel to be filled. It is a flame or a fire to be kindled. To transform our children into thinking individuals is our endeavor. They must have a perspective that is individualistic yet collaborative to achieve higher goals in life. Education unfetters their imagination and creativity and allows them to soar and touch the skylines of success.

vandana tandon Ms. Vandana Tandon (Principal)

The students must be geared and motivated to meet the higher challenges and opportunities of current times. In the globalized and integrated world of today skill development is a vital ingredient in this quest, to make our future generation emerge as the skill capital of the world and make a mark in all fields of activity. The school has been working relentlessly in this direction and providing excellent opportunities for creation of such a creative location.

Alumini Testimonials

  • Curriculum at KMS is orchestrated very strategically to prepare its students for the many challenges that work life may pose. Inner drive to explore, to be learners for life..

    Gaurav Sanhotra
  • Since the age of learning to hold a pencil, I was there at Kamal Model School which has provided me the strength to hold the pen of my life..>

    Mukesh Yadav
  • The school has given me innumerable memories and numerous experience to learn through a lot of facilities in a nearby location to my residence..

    Himanshu Shukla
  • I will recommend KMS and group of schools for the experienced teaching staff and reasonable fee structure that has given a strengthened root to my life..

    Navjot Kaur