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Webinar On Thalassaemia and Blood Donation

On the occasion of Blood Donation Day Kamal Model School hosted a live webinar-Thalassaemia and Blood Donation on 17 June 2020. The panelists-Principal Ms. Vandana Tandon, Academic Director Ms. Pramila Mishra and Academic Coordinator Ms Pushpa Jindal graced the occasion. The whole event was managed by Ms Amarpreet Kaur. Ms Javinder Kaur hosted the event and introduced Dr J. S Arora who very widely enlightened the viewers about Thalassaemia- a blood disorder and its different types. He explained that one need not fear if one suffers from minor Thalassaemia but one should take preventive measures from its further transmission. He also made the viewers aware of the costly treatment one has to undergo if one suffers from major thalassaemia. Not only this, Dr.J. S.Arora discussed the importance of blood donation and laid stress on the fact that we all should if possible donate blood for a noble cause. Dr J.S.Arora also satisfied the viewers by answering their queries. On the whole, the webinar was quite educative and informative and was attended by more than 2500 viewers.

Webinar on Thalessemia and Blood Donation with Dr. J.S. Arora

Webinar on June 9 with Dr. DN Sharma

Webinar on June 9 with Dr. DN Sharma

Fitness is sought after by everyone and to remain fit one needs to eat well, exercise properly and make his body immune to diseases.

We feel proud to state that Kamal Model School, successfully shouldered the responsibility of hosting a webinar on the topic – Immunity Enhancement through Naturopathy on June 9, 2020. The panelists Ms Vandana Tandon, Mr Ved Prakash Tandon, Mr Harsh Tandon, Ms Akansha Tandon graced the occasion. Ms Anjan Bathla hosted the program.

Our resource person, Dr. DN Sharma, National Vice President, INO delivered valuable tips to the viewers regarding how one can boost one’s immunity through Naturopathy. He stated that this is the only system where we can prevent ourselves from getting any disease. Dr D N Sharma even told how we can take natural household items and prevent ourselves from having Corona. He made the viewers aware of a simple household detection method of Corona and how to keep our throat and nose mucus-free as they are the sites of the development of this virus. Moreover, intake of healthy food and regular exercise was also stressed upon. At the end Dr DN Sharma also satisfied his viewers by answering their queries.

International Yoga Day

"True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it to be truly called yoga, its essence must be embodied."

Kamal model school pays veneration to International Day of Yoga, 2020 by dedicating a webinar in association with INO, International Naturopathy organisation, to recognize the importance of yoga and helping people dealing with anxiety or depression. It started with meditation followed by different asanas. Students joined in live and followed the gurus for doing different asanas and got enlightened about the relevance of meditation,pranayam and different asanas in our lives.

International Yoga Day

Decoding: Parenting and Schooling in the time of Covid-19.

Decoding: Parenting and Schooling in the time of Covid-19

'Parents and teachers are gardeners under whose care a child grows and blossoms.'

To enlighten more on this context, a webinar was conducted on 20 June 2020 which was joined by teachers and parents through Zoom and Facebook Live. The Resource person Ms. Jyotsna Bharadwaj, explained many points on the behavioural issues of children faced by parents and teachers and shared her real life experiences on how they can deal with such things in a positive way. She also motivated the torch bearers of the child to guide as well as counsel them during these hard times of COVID-19 as children have found themselves stuck inside the four walls of their houses. The attendees found the webinar really enlightening and informative as parents found a solution to their problem -the problem of keeping their children healthy, happy and engaged during the lockdown period. They were able to correlate it with the present situation.

On 11th June with Yogacharya Yudhister Paul

Webinar on Memory Development and Eyesight Improvement in Children
On 11th June 2020, the management and staff of Kamal, Vandana and Trinity Group of Institutions, proudly hosted a live webinar on Memory Development and Eyesight Improvement among children. The panelists included Principal Ms.Vandana Tandon, Academic Director (VIS), Ms. Akansha Tandon, Academic Director Ms. Pramila Mishra and Academic Coordinator Ms. Pushpa Jindal graced the occasion. Eminent Resource Person Yogacharya Yudhister Paul, President, International Naturopathy Organization (NCR) stressed upon the importance of perfect coordination between the human body and mind in order to improve memory and achieve better results. He discussed about the 3 points of memory and how anger management makes us better individuals. The importance of 5 P's - Proper breathing, Positive thinking, Proper exercise, Poshtik Diet and Prayer or meditation were talked about. The session was very enlightening and rewarding for people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Webinar on 11 June with Yogacharya Yudhister Paul.

Alumini Testimonials

  • Curriculum at KMS is orchestrated very strategically to prepare its students for the many challenges that work life may pose. Inner drive to explore, to be learners for life..

    Gaurav Sanhotra
  • Since the age of learning to hold a pencil, I was there at Kamal Model School which has provided me the strength to hold the pen of my life..>

    Mukesh Yadav
  • The school has given me innumerable memories and numerous experience to learn through a lot of facilities in a nearby location to my residence..

    Himanshu Shukla
  • I will recommend KMS and group of schools for the experienced teaching staff and reasonable fee structure that has given a strengthened root to my life..

    Navjot Kaur