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British Council Activities

Activities at KMS


    Month Topic Class
    April Yoga – Indian Way of International Care 10
    May Global Usage of Toys Prep
    July My Identity Your Identity 12
    July Heat Zones of the World 6
    August Cultural Diversity 5
    August Traditional Methods of Treatments and Cures 8
    September Venturing into the Sartorial World 1
    October Art in Motion 4
    November Community Service 9
    November Talking Kites around the World Nursery
    December Farmer’s Work is Never Done 11
    December Be My Guest 7
    January World’s Wacky Weather 3
    February Folk Tales Across the World 2

Alumini Testimonials

  • Curriculum at KMS is orchestrated very strategically to prepare its students for the many challenges that work life may pose. Inner drive to explore, to be learners for life..

    Gaurav Sanhotra
  • Since the age of learning to hold a pencil, I was there at Kamal Model School which has provided me the strength to hold the pen of my life..>

    Mukesh Yadav
  • The school has given me innumerable memories and numerous experience to learn through a lot of facilities in a nearby location to my residence..

    Himanshu Shukla
  • I will recommend KMS and group of schools for the experienced teaching staff and reasonable fee structure that has given a strengthened root to my life..

    Navjot Kaur