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School Infrastructure

  • The Play fields

    The campus also houses a huge play-ground and an open air stage for organizing events and school functions. The total cleanliness of the campus apart, equal care is taken to meet all sanitary and hygienic norms for the safeguard of the students. These include:

    • Supply of neat & clean filtered drinking water, through RO System and Water Cooler
    • Neat and clean toilets (8 Boys wing and 8 Girls wing) with 24-hr water supply
    • Daily floor cleaning with water soluble germicides
    • Hygienic dietary service of the school canteen
  • ERP system

    Online system for teachers and students is provided by school through to get in regular touch with each other. Student’s attendance, assignments and examination marks are sent to their parents on regular basis. This way a neat communication panel retains between both of them.

  • Science Labs

    The school has commissioned four full fledged Science labs for practical teaching – one each for Chemistry, Physics and Biology and one composite science lab for primary, middle and secondary the well equipped labs are self-contained, well ventilated and self-sufficient with all recommended apparatus, display material, models and exhibits besides chemicals and chemical reagents. The laboratories are looked after by qualified Lab Assistants who keep on updating these workstations for productive use by the students

    Students are given sufficient exposure in these laboratories for practical learning of what is taught in classrooms. Laboratories have, in fact, become the hot spots for students desirous of delving deeper into the realms of knowledge, be it Chemistry, Physics or Biology. The neat and clean labs, with all requisite facilities, safety measures and guidance at hand have emerged as the major strengths of the concerned departments for grooming young scientific minds towards perfection.

  • Mathematics Lab

    Other than the normal classroom teaching, the school has installed a Mathematics Lab for students willing to delve deep into the magical manifestations of the interesting subject. Students here keep on playing with different formulations seeking answers to their own questions and queries. This is also a platform of sharing knowledge for the subject specialization. Abacus and Vedic Mathematics are important sections of mathematics lab.

  • Activity Halls

    Besides an open air stage for organizing any major events or celebrations, the school has four huge activity halls for in house regular activities such as music and dance, debates and dramatics, exhibitions, painting competitions, workshops, quiz competitions and demos or presentations by visiting guests from any institutions or organizations and NGO's.

  • Computer Labs

    Given the importance of Information Technology (IT) in today's world, the school has established four fully maintained and networked computer labs with twenty of high quality PCs and related equipment in each. Other than regular classes held for Computer Science students, all students are encouraged to access the computers for basic exposure and skill acquisition.

    An excellent team of Computer teachers and support staff has been put in place to facilitate thorough learning. Other than the basics of Computer Science that the junior students are exposed to, special packages have been worked out for senior students on the lines of curriculum and beyond in order to enhance their aptitude for a wide range of Computer applications including surfing, use of Internet, e-mail, data entry operations etc. The computer labs have become a hub of activity, both for the seniors and juniors alike, and students are always encouraged to visit the labs and explore the depths of Computer Science on their own, under the expert guidance of faculty. A separate computer lab with 20 computers has been established recently for primary wing to make them tech-savvy.

  • Library

    This power-house of knowledge and learning beyond text books, has been established and developed with care over the years. The library today, houses over 20,000 titles on subjects ranging from Astrology to English literature. The library has also evolved as a resource centre for the school faculty to up-date and up-grade their knowledge about the subjects they teach. The huge reading room provides ample space for students to go through the latest newspapers, magazines or journals of their choice.

  • Creative Zone

    Creative Zone is an interesting place for the students. In this zone they materialise their imaginations in the shape of drawing, Art and craft and SUPW activities.

  • Resource Room for CWSN

    A special Resource Room exists for children with special needs. A well trained Special Educator has been appointed to interact with such children and apprise their parents for follow up actions.

  • Out Door Games

    Basketball Arena is the special feature of the school. Many state level and national level players have been produced with the guidance of expert coaches of basketball. Our students have also registered their presence at zonal and state level volleyball competition repeatedly with their winning spree. A well planned and equipped volleyball ground and expert coaches are available in the school premises

  • Indoor Games

    Judo, Gymnastics, Yoga, Taekwondo, Chess etc. are the regularly played indoor games in the school. The latest equipments are available. The players remain in the making under the supervision of expert coaches.

  • Smart Classes

    Better teachers make better students, with this tagline; TATA Class Edge is providing software for Schools according to CBSE syllabus and school books. Through this software students learn in a faster and easier way and they enjoy their studies very well. This software provides their curriculum in an Interactive way with the use of Worksheets on projector, Audio Video Presentations, Soft Laboratories and quizzes. Students also play games based on their syllabus questions.

  • 3D classes

    The School is maintaining three 3D Labs where students can study Mathematics and Science. The software provided by Eureka helps students to learn about the tricky aspects of these subjects by wearing 3 D glasses and watching 3D videos.

  • Medical Room

    A well equipped medical room is established to provide First Aid in case of emergency. A doctor and a nurse remains present in the school/during the school hours. The patient is referred to nearby nursing home after First Aid and parents are informed.

  • Scottish Band

    KMS is one of the few schools who have Girls and Boys Scottish band teams. These teams have the honour to perform at state and national level as special invitees

  • Security

    The school is very well guarded all the time with security personnel manning the main gates 24 hours. No anti-social elements or people with no dealings to do with the school operations are allowed inside. A constant vigil is also maintained on the entire premises through CCTV surveillance.

  • Fire Safety

    The school is well equipped with the amenities required during any mishappening. Fire extinguishers and sand buckets are hung all over the school walls. The staff and children also get regular training as fire-drill from the concerned authorities, so as to save everyone if in case needed.

Alumini Testimonials

  • Curriculum at KMS is orchestrated very strategically to prepare its students for the many challenges that work life may pose. Inner drive to explore, to be learners for life..

    Gaurav Sanhotra
  • Since the age of learning to hold a pencil, I was there at Kamal Model School which has provided me the strength to hold the pen of my life..>

    Mukesh Yadav
  • The school has given me innumerable memories and numerous experience to learn through a lot of facilities in a nearby location to my residence..

    Himanshu Shukla
  • I will recommend KMS and group of schools for the experienced teaching staff and reasonable fee structure that has given a strengthened root to my life..

    Navjot Kaur